The Robinette’s trail system is a windy single track with elevation on the private farm that provides access to the public year round   The trail system is comprised of single track and portions run through the apple orchard on grass, trails, and gravel roads.   The trail system is shared with mountain bikers and is home to weekly Sunday runs put on by the West Michigan Trail Runners group.  You can access the trail by parking at Robinette’s on the south side of 4 Mile Rd or on the north side near the orchards.

The Main Loop:

  • Click here for the official site and trail map.
  • Click here for driving directions to the Robinette’s Apple Haus.

The Inside Loop:

  • Stop in the Robinette’s Apple Haus for great doughnuts, cider, and more!
  • Gazelle Sports holds a number of free “races” where you can give new shoes a trial run.

Full Loop CCW (5.0 miles, ~646ft elevation gain)

This loop begins from the north parking lot where you will run the full loop counter clockwise (CCW).  From the parking lot you head east towards the East Beltline in front of the apple trees and turn to the left as you pass the Robinette’s sign.  You will follow along the East Beltline running behind the Northview East Campus building and entering the trail system.  You will eventually exit the woods around 2 miles where you will run a portion of the loop out in the apple orchard before heading back into the woods.

GPX Track

Printable Trail Map

Driving Directions

Route Details:

  • 0.0 mi: Start out heading east towards the East Beltline in front of the apple trees.
  • 1.8 mi: You’ll continue straight out into the apple orchard following the trail.
  • 2.0 mi: The trail turns slightly to the left to continue out towards the apple orchard.
  • 2.1 mi: Continue following the trail to the right towards the East Beltline.
  • 2.1 mi: Take another right to follow the trail line between the apple trees.
  • 2.2 mi: Turn right onto the two track.
  • 2.3 mi: Stay to the right.
  • 2.4 mi: Enter the trail system that is to the left.
  • 3.8 mi: Stay to the right as you exit the trail until you reenter the woods.
  • 3.9 mi: Continue running on the trail to reenter the woods.
  • 4.6 mi: Follow the trail along the tree line until it turns left towards the parking lot.