Cascade Peace Park

Cascade Peace Park is a single-track trail that consists of floodplain, meadow areas, as well as old growth forest. The primary entrance to the park is located at 8900 Grand River Ave and  can also be accessed from Bolt Drive at the west end of the unpaved section of road.  The trail system is comprised of a primary green loop that is 1.6 miles in length with an additional 7 sections that add distance and complexity.  The elevation profile provides a higher ft/mile gain than the average trails in West Michigan.

The Main Loop:

The Inside Loop:

  • There is a porta potty available at the Grand River parking lot.
  • This trail has some elevation which is great for hill repeats.


Grand River Full Outer Loop (2.8 miles, ~511ft elevation gain)

This loop begins from the Grand River parking lot up the first hill .  You will head right onto the red loop where you’ll find more climbing to do while you overlook the parking lot.  You’ll continue to stay right until you enter the open field where going straight will bring to the Bolt St parking lot and going left will continue to the green loop.

GPX Track

Printable Trail Map

Driving Directions

Route Details:

  • 0.0 mi: Start at the Grand River Dr Parking lot by the trail area sign.
  • 0.1 mi: Go right onto the red loop and continue up hill.
  • 0.5 mi: Turn right to stay enter onto the green loop.
  • 0.6 mi: Turn right to stay on the green loop.
  • 0.7 mi: Keep left when entering the field to stay on the green loop.
  • 1.0 mi: Stay to the right to continue on the green loop.
  • 1.2 mi: Take a right turn to enter onto the black loop.
  • 1.6 mi: Turn right to return to the green loop.
  • 1.9 mi: Make a hard right to remain on the green loop.
  • 2.3 mi: Turn right at this intersection to enter the yellow loop.
  • 2.6 mi: Stay right to continue onto the green loop.
  • 2.7 mi: Remain to the right to stay on the green loop.