Cascade Burton Park

Cascade Burton Park is consists of grassy, meadow, and some single track trail that is a great short distance for trail runners.  The trail system has a few options and loops that allow you to mix up the distance and elevation to your liking.   The trail system is primarily for residents that are hiking, walking, and often times with animals be sure to share the trails and enjoy your run.  You can access the trail via Burton St or the Windcrest St parking lots.

The Main Loop:

The Inside Loop:

  • This trail system can be accessed from the Burton St and Windcrest St parking lots.
  • The Burton St parking lot is slightly larger and will accommodate more cars.
  • The trail consists of grass fields and single-track.
  • The trails aren’t marked but are easy to follow.


Windcrest St Entrance Full Loop CCW (1.7 miles, ~104ft elevation gain)

This loop begins from the Windcrest St parking lot you’ll start the run just past the fence to running to the right (north) across the grass. This route is the full loop run counter clockwise (CCW).  As you head across the grass you will go towards the far left and enter the trail system.

GPX Track

Printable Trail Map

Driving Directions

Route Details:

  • 0.1 mi: Cross the road and continue to run on the grass trail.
  • 0.2 mi: After you cross the road turn right at the sign.
  • 0.3 mi: You will stay left as the trail turns here.
  • 1.0 mi: Turn left at the sign.
  • 1.2 mi: Stay to left on grass as you see the park building, the trail is just ahead.
  • 1.3 mi: Continue straight on the trail running towards the road.
  • 1.4 mi: Keep to the right after you cross the road and reenter the trail.
  • 1.5 mi: Stay left and continue up hill to stay on this loop.